Kyle and Jackie O Show supports compulsory male infant circumcision

In a stunningly ignorant segment this morning, the Kyle and Jackie O Show hosted circumcision advocate Brian Morris.  Morris is an avid proponent for male infant circumcision. He has published a number of papers on the topic and authors some (ill-informed) websites. The conversation started out with Morris claiming several (dubious) benefits while the radio presenters tried to convince another staff member that they should get circumcised. Whilst I found this personally distasteful, there’s nothing wrong with an adult choosing to get this procedure – it’s his body and his decision. However, the conversation took a terrible turn when Morris “brought out the crazy” and proclaimed that circumcision is so beneficial that it should be routine for all male infants, even comparing it to vaccination and hinting that it should be mandatory!


Shock-jock Kyle Sandilands eagerly agreed while his stand-in co-host "Palestine" (unfortunately Jackie-O,...

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