Postnatal Doula Service


Postnatal support is a premium service for mamas who need help gaining confidence with their baby and adjusting to parenthood. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • first-time parents
  • parents who do not have extended family support
  • parents experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety or depression

I recommend that all mothers considering postnatal support, begin with the Base Package. My purpose is to help you gain confidence so that you don't need me! If we can achieve that in 2 sessions then that will be better for your budget. However, if you need more loving guidance and support, I am here for you. I can custom build a package for you or you can choose from the set packages below. You can book postnatal support during your pregnancy or after baby is born. Please submit a Booking Enquiry using the button below.

Postnatal Support Base Package **from $650**


(Please note: additional travel costs may apply)

Option 1: 2 x 3 hour sessions $650

Option 2: 2 x 4 hour sessions $850


  • 30 minute planning session (phone)
  • 2 x 3 hour sessions OR 2 x 4 hour sessions
  • "Baby and Me" workbook
  • 24/7 phone support for one week
  • ongoing support (12 months support: Facebook group, phone/email support, occasional mum and bub meet ups throughout throughout the year)

*$50 travel fee if located further than 30 mins from my home in Mount Annan.



This workbook includes information on baby care, bonding, self-care and organisational strategies.  With helpful tips, insightful worksheets and practical planning templates, you will feel confident, organised and supported in your parenting journey!

Topics covered:

  • Postpartum recovery
  • Breastfeeding
  • Settling baby
  • Changing nappies & dressing baby
  • Swaddling and sleep strategies
  • Baby wearing
  • Bath time & Baby Massage
  • Bonding with baby
  • Newborn behaviour
  • Self-care strategies
  • Menu planner
  • Support planner
  • Birth reflection worksheet

Additional Visits **from $300**

(Please note: additional travel costs may apply) 

An additional 3 hour session - $300

An additional 4 hour session - $350

This service is for clients who have already booked the Postnatal Support Base Package and who require an additional session.  Includes 3 or 4 hours of support depending on which option you choose.

*$50 travel fee if located further than 30 mins from my home in Mount Annan.

Postnatal Support Packages

Option 1: 6-8 hours - 2 sessions - 1 week

$650 / $850

Option 2: 18 hours - 6 sessions - 3 weeks


Option 3: 36 hours - 12 sessions - 6 weeks



All packages include:

Loving support to nurture you and guide you through your transition to parenthood. 

30 mins planning session (phone/Zoom)

2 sessions per week

Baby & Me Workbook


24/7 phone support (for the set amount of weeks in the package)

12 months ongoing support (Facebook group, phone/email support, occasional mum & bub meet ups throughout the year)


Please note:

Package 1 requires payment in full when booking.

Packages 2 and 3 require a $1000 deposit upon booking, with the remaining amount paid in instalments over the set amount of weeks.

Payment plans can also be tailored to suit your needs and can be arranged through PayPal.

Custom Packages

I can also create a custom package for you based on the rates above and how many visits you require. This enables me to tailor a package to your specific needs. You also have the option to simply book the base package and then pay as you go with each additional visit according to the prices quoted above.


For example, if you are booking 4 visits, it would be calculated as follows:

$650 + travel fee if applicable

+ $300 + travel fee if applicable

+ $300 + travel fee if applicable

= final package fee


To find out more, please call, email or submit a postnatal enquiry using the button below.

Postnatal Enquiry Form

What does a postnatal doula do?

My purpose as a postnatal doula is to help you (and your partner) gain confidence in parenting, support bonding and provide emotional support.  I have a particular focus on helping mamas to:

  • gain self-help and self-care skills
  • build their self-esteem as a mama
  • build a supportive network
  • enhance bonding with their baby
  • emotionally process the birth experience
  • adjust to parenthood

Below are some of the tasks I can do to support you: 

  • laundry
  • tidying and organising house
  • cleaning
  • preparing simple meals
  • menu planning
  • dishes
  • debriefing
  • minding older children so mama can rest and/or focus on her newborn
  • support for breastfeeding
  • shopping and errands
  • pampering e.g. foot soak, massage, pedicure, manicure
  • parent education e.g. bathing baby, swaddling etc.
  • sleep support e.g. look after baby while mama sleeps
  • time management skills
  • scheduling and rostering support
  • company e.g. going for a walk with mama and baby, chatting generally etc.

A postnatal doula is far more than someone who can mind your baby or tidy your house.  Although I can do those things, if that is all you need, I recommend sourcing a cleaner or a babysitter as that will be a more cost effective option. A postnatal doula brings something MORE than this. I am passionate about caring for new mothers and being there for you so you don't feel alone. You will always have someone to call to talk through any questions or concerns, someone to debrief with, someone who truly listens and cares for you and your family.  I bring a sense of calm and confidence to your postpartum journey and I am focused on building you up so that you don't need me! If this sounds like what you are looking for please complete a postnatal enquiry form using the button below.

Postnatal Enquiry Form

My skills

I have a unique blend of skills which I utilise to help my clients.  I have been a birth doula and childbirth educator since 2010.  I completed Postnatal Doula training through Optimum Birth in 2012.  I became a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner in 2014.  Prior to birthwork, I was a private music teacher (piano) and also completed training in a program called Kindermusik.  Kindermusik is a special music and movement program for young children (0-7 years) and their parents.  It supports learning and child development.  I have a love for singing and strongly believe in the power of music to heal our souls.  Don't worry - I won't make you sing if it's not your "thing". ;) But I do have a wealth of knowledge on how to use music as a tool for bonding with your children.

I also have four children aged 7 to 16!  In addition to general knowledge as a mother, I have attended hundreds of hours of therapy and training for my older three children who have special needs (ASD). This has given me a very sound understanding of child development, behaviour and parenting strategies.

I have breastfed all four of my children and can provide breastfeeding support. If there is anything outside my scope of expertise, I will refer you to a lactation consultant.  I also have advanced skills in relation to time management and organisational strategies which can be immensely helpful to a new parent! :)

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