The VBAC birth story of Josiah - 6 May 2019

birth stories vbac Jun 05, 2019

Every birth I attend is a privilege and an honour. I witness the most incredible, tender moments between partners and the awe-inspiring power of birthing mothers. There is something that makes EVERY birth special. For this birth, parents Rebecca and Chris had had a very traumatic first birth, via caesarean. (Sidenote: not all caesarean births are traumatic, but this one was). So this birth was a hopeful VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean.

Rebecca did A LOT of preparation for her second birth! She was determined to have a positive, healing experience. She hired me as her doula, completed my Bold Beautiful Birth Program, attended the Hypnobirthing Australia course with me (included in the BBB Program) and booked in with an MGP care provider who was supportive of VBAC and very mother-centred. (Shout out to her amazing midwife Jo - we love you!). During the birth, Rebecca was an inspiration, persevering through a very long labour and finally pushing her baby out into her own...

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