These 2 words should never ever EVER be spoken to a woman in labour!

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2019

The problem

We have a problem in maternity care. Well, several problems to be honest. But the one that is most EASILY fixed relates to language. I have heard the most ridiculous language used in a birthing room. I could honestly write a book on all the inappropriate things I’ve heard people say! But by far the most damaging, most insulting and most unnecessary two words that I hear are…..


“Good girl”


Why is this phrase so demeaning?

Whilst I’m sure most care providers mean well, this is a seriously messed up thing to say to a grown woman.  Even more infuriating is that every woman is relegated to a little child when she becomes pregnant. She could be a lawyer, doctor or engineer. She could have a PhD in “How to have a baby”, but, all of a sudden her knowledge, her experience and her intellect are deemed null and void when it comes to making decisions about her body. (Sidenote: For the record, you shouldn’t need a...

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A Whole New World

beautiful birth bold launch Nov 02, 2018

I am almost ready to launch my new program which has a completely new approach to birth preparation... life changing, WORLD changing. Get ready for a whole new world!

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