Kyle and Jackie O Show supports compulsory male infant circumcision

In a stunningly ignorant segment this morning, the Kyle and Jackie O Show hosted circumcision advocate Brian Morris.  Morris is an avid proponent for male infant circumcision. He has published a number of papers on the topic and authors some (ill-informed) websites. The conversation started out with Morris claiming several (dubious) benefits while the radio presenters tried to convince another staff member that they should get circumcised. Whilst I found this personally distasteful, there’s nothing wrong with an adult choosing to get this procedure – it’s his body and his decision. However, the conversation took a terrible turn when Morris “brought out the crazy” and proclaimed that circumcision is so beneficial that it should be routine for all male infants, even comparing it to vaccination and hinting that it should be mandatory!


Shock-jock Kyle Sandilands eagerly agreed while his stand-in co-host "Palestine" (unfortunately Jackie-O,...

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The Induction Birth Story of Arthur - 2 January 2019

birth stories induction Jul 09, 2019

Sometimes plans change due to special circumstances, and intervention is necessary. This birth story is a beautiful example of this. First-time parents Melissa and Bruce made an informed choice to consent to an induction. They were well prepared having attended my Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM classes, and hired me as their doula. (They also sampled the Bold Beautiful Birth program when I first launched it). They used all their tools throughout the induction process and had an absolutely amazing birth! It was beautiful witnessing how connected they were throughout the birth - Bruce was so in tune with how to quietly hold space for Melissa and was by her side at every moment. 

Below are my favourite photos from their birth. A special thank you to Melissa for kindly allowing me to share these beautiful images. <3


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The VBAC birth story of Josiah - 6 May 2019

birth stories vbac Jun 05, 2019

Every birth I attend is a privilege and an honour. I witness the most incredible, tender moments between partners and the awe-inspiring power of birthing mothers. There is something that makes EVERY birth special. For this birth, parents Rebecca and Chris had had a very traumatic first birth, via caesarean. (Sidenote: not all caesarean births are traumatic, but this one was). So this birth was a hopeful VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean.

Rebecca did A LOT of preparation for her second birth! She was determined to have a positive, healing experience. She hired me as her doula, completed my Bold Beautiful Birth Program, attended the Hypnobirthing Australia course with me (included in the BBB Program) and booked in with an MGP care provider who was supportive of VBAC and very mother-centred. (Shout out to her amazing midwife Jo - we love you!). During the birth, Rebecca was an inspiration, persevering through a very long labour and finally pushing her baby out into her own...

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Don't blame the doula!

Dear careprovider,
I want to begin by saying thank you for caring for my client. As a doula, I completely respect your medical role in keeping my client and her baby safe. I have, however, a few things that need to be said. This comes after nearly 10 years of birth work and a range of "interesting" interactions with colleagues such as yourself. I'll be as delicate as I can. ;) Here goes....
If my client chooses to decline an intervention - please don’t blame me. I don’t tell my clients what to choose, I just support them in their choice.
If my client doesn’t trust you - don’t blame me. Your relationship with my client is not my responsibility. I understand it's not the easiest thing to build rapport with a complete stranger while they are in the throws of labour, but again, not my problem. This is an unfortunate side effect of a fractured medical system that doesn't put women first. I will stand with you in advocating for...
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These 2 words should never ever EVER be spoken to a woman in labour!

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2019

The problem

We have a problem in maternity care. Well, several problems to be honest. But the one that is most EASILY fixed relates to language. I have heard the most ridiculous language used in a birthing room. I could honestly write a book on all the inappropriate things I’ve heard people say! But by far the most damaging, most insulting and most unnecessary two words that I hear are…..


“Good girl”


Why is this phrase so demeaning?

Whilst I’m sure most care providers mean well, this is a seriously messed up thing to say to a grown woman.  Even more infuriating is that every woman is relegated to a little child when she becomes pregnant. She could be a lawyer, doctor or engineer. She could have a PhD in “How to have a baby”, but, all of a sudden her knowledge, her experience and her intellect are deemed null and void when it comes to making decisions about her body. (Sidenote: For the record, you shouldn’t need a...

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A Whole New World

beautiful birth bold launch Nov 03, 2018

I am almost ready to launch my new program which has a completely new approach to birth preparation... life changing, WORLD changing. Get ready for a whole new world!

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