What other mums are saying...

Tashie, first-time mum

Pregnancy was my biggest fear in life. I have always been an anxious person and the thought of being pregnant and responsible for a new little life made me even more anxious. When my partner and I fell pregnant I was so happy, but had the fear come creeping in. I had hyperemesis from week 5 through till week  37. I found Christa early on in pregnancy and from the minute I spoke with her, I immediately felt supported and cherished. We did the Bold Beautiful Birth course online and then the one day intensive with her. I found strength that I never knew I had with Christa's course and help. We had regular calls and I found anytime I would start panicking I would call her. Her support throughout my whole journey was outstanding. I suddenly became informed, I became aware of what I could achieve with my birth and felt excited about birth. I knew my rights and I had her support at any time. Christa is incredible at what she does and I cannot recommend a better doula for you. She puts the fire in your belly and holds your hand the whole way through. I couldn't of asked for a better birth journey with Christa.

Cath, second-time mum

We are so incredibly grateful to have found Christa and her amazing Bold Beautiful Birth online program. The birth of our first son was not ideal, so we were determined to find the support and education to make the birth of our second son a beautiful empowering experience. We found this and more with Christa's program!

The Bold Beautiful Birth program provided amazing information & the opportunity for personal exploration. We were able to reset our minds for a positive birth experience, and also felt empowered to make informed decisions regarding the care for myself and our baby.

Christa is extremely knowledgeable about all things birth, and is so generous with her time, including wonderful skype coaching  call. She is truly an amazing person and her positive attitude to life is contagious. Thank you so much!

Liz, first-time mum

Christa is truly amazing! The support and knowledge she provided throughout my pregnancy & birth made welcoming our first child into the world a beautiful positive experience.

The hypnobirthing course and online program gave us the knowledge and tools to really understand birth and feel informed and empowered throughout our journey and to confidently navigate any obstacles and challenges that arose.

The support Christa provides as a doula is absolutely incredible and she had such a positive impact on my birth experience. She made us feel safe and calm and provided amazing help and support in so many different ways.

I can not recommend Christa enough!!! She is a beautiful person and makes you feel truly cared for and supported during such a special time.

Shriya, second-time mum

Christa was my birth support/doula during second pregnancy. She has been a great support throughout the pregnancy, labour and birth.

Christa is a truely amazing personality. She’s very kind, supportive and patient.

Throughout the pregnancy whenever I needed her she was one ring away, always there to listen to me patiently, guide me with facts/evidence of pros and cons of any interventions, deal with my fears. Her bold , beautiful birth and Hypnobirthing courses provided in depth knowledge around the physiology of labour and birth , tools and techniques which were very useful during labour and birth.

Christa was constantly there next to me listening to my needs, helping me with different tools and providing all emotional and mental support and encouragement during my labour. It wouldn’t have been a successful VBAC had I not have her by my side.

One of the things I read about doulas is to hire someone who’s been to your hospital/ is familiar with the birth unit/ midwives/ doctors . Christa had not been to the public hospital I went to but when I was admitted, she very quickly made the environment around the birthing unit such that it felt like everyone was aligned with one goal of achieving a successful VBAC. I wish I had known her during my first pregnancy. I highly recommend having her by your side if you are based in Sydney.

Thanks Christa for all your support 💖😘

Rebecca, second-time mum

Christa is truly amazing, she helped us achieve our dream VBAC birth of our second child.

Christa’s wisdom and support were invaluable. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and knowing she was available to answer questions or chat about what was going on was very reassuring.
The online program helped us understand birth in a way that previous birth classes never came close to. That knowledge helped us overcome our fear of labour.
The  Hypnobirthing program gave us the practical tools we needed during labour, tying in well with the online program.
The Doula support that Christa provided was perfect, we felt very safe and well taken care of.

I most highly recommend Christa, she is a true gem. 🥰

Watch Rebecca's birth video here

Laura, 3rd-time mum

Christa's amazing support helped me through my VBAC to a 4.5kg healthy bub. In a birthing system where intervention is overly used, Christa calmed the chaos of doubts, narrow hospital policies and helped me trust my intuition.
Her easy to follow audio online courses are an eye opener, even for a third time mum! Her hands on support at my birth was truly amazing and I am so thankful to have had her there.
My only regret is not knowing about doulas and Christa for birth 1 and 2.
I strongly advise how necessary it is to have a doula along your side through the whole birth cycle. After seeking and consulting many obstetricians nervous about my 'large' baby I realised that my wishes for a natural birth were unsupported. Christa was a league above the rest. Can not recommend her enough!

Sammi, first-time mum

The bold beautiful birth program was a game changer for me. I have grown up my whole life being terrified of birth, to the point where I even wondered if I would have children of my own.
I spent my college years studying health sciences and anatomy and it made me want to study about having a natural birth, because it made the most sense to me. Talk about a 180.
However, I didn't personally know a single soul here in the US that had chosen to have a natural birth. I didn't even know where to look until Christa reached out to me.
After going through the program I was so much more comfortable with the birthing process. I actually felt EXCITED to have my baby.
I was constantly talking about what I learned with my coworkers and telling them how much more confident I was.
My birth experience didn't go at all as planned, but with the knowledge I gained and the tools I had from the program I can confidently say I had a bold beautiful birth. I wouldn't change a thing, and I owe my confidence around birth to Christa and the beautiful program she has created.

Jessie, 2nd-time mum

Christa has helped me so much!! The most wonderful birthing experience I’ve had & lots of support! I had a natural birth as per my birthing preference. I felt safe, listened too, strong & in a calm environment.

Thank you for guiding me to a positive, beautiful birth experience!! I have learnt so much & I can now believe in myself a lot more. You truly are AMAZING! Highly recommend!!! 👌👌👌

Subhi, 2nd-time mum

Christa is an absolutely wonderful doula and I can’t imagine birthing without her. We did the hypnobirthing course with her for our first baby and it was such a comprehensive course that really helped me prepare for birth from understanding the physiology of things to mental preparation with hypnobirthing techniques.
I also had her as my doula for my second birth, and she was an indispensable support both times. She was present from when I asked her to be with us (even when the midwives weren’t around) up until a few hours after I gave birth.
She is calm and unobtrusive, providing support when she could see that I needed it, and applying acupressure on my back.
I can’t imagine giving birth without her and I highly recommend having her as your doula too ❤️

Cassie, 1st-time mum

My husband and I attended Christa’s Hypnobirthing course in March 2020 feeling pretty anxious and scared about the unknown of birth (and birth during a global pandemic) but we left feeling confident and empowered! Christa is so calming and kind, she made us feel so comfortable and really held the space for us to speak about our fears. We left with some amazing tools and resources to use during our birth. Christa’s communication didn’t stop after the course finished and she  was in touch the whole way through the rest of our pregnancy and I even emailed her when I was in early labour and she sent through some words of support. I had a wonderful, empowering birth experience and we are so grateful that we found Christa and did our hypnobirthing course with her. We will be back when it’s time for baby #2.❤️

Melissa, 1st-time mum

We met Christa when we attended her hypnobirthing class. My husband and I were so impressed with her positive approach that we booked her as our doula. Christa was an amazing support not only for the birth but in the lead up to and in the time afterwards, giving me the confidence to pursue the kind of birth I wanted. I ended up with  a  positive birth experience and would absolutely recommend both her hypnobirthing course and doula services.

Watch Melissa's birth video here

Emma & Brandon, first-time parents

Hi Christa! This is Emma, my husband Brandon and I completed our hypnobirthing course with you back in November when I was just over half way pregnant.

I wanted to let you know that on March 12th I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, happy baby boy after having a completely unexpected but amazingly positive birth experience. His name is Leonardo Luka Lovrić, born 3.3kg and 51cm long, at 1.57am 12th March.

The hypnobirthing course and techniques and information that we learnt from you 100% influenced our birth story in the most positive and empowering way. I am still trying to write it out in a concise way, and would love to share it with you!! But first I wanted to let you know that baby is here and we are doing so well so far 🥰🥰💙

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Rachel & Josh, first-time parents

Christa, I am so thankful and forever grateful for everything you taught Josh and I in our birth toolkit class. I felt so incredibly prepared mentally for the birth and was confident my body would do as it is designed to do when birthing our baby into the world. I would often go through the workbook you gave us and was constantly refreshing myself with the different techniques we discussed in class. I was able to have an empowering and amazing birth thanks to you and your guidance. I will most certainly be recommending you and your expertise to anyone that will listen!

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Mel & baby Sienna

Christa’s passion, enthusiasm and belief in the Hypnobirthing Australia course was inspiring and reassuring. From the bottom of my heart I truly want to thank Christa for the incredible support she showed me throughout my pregnancy and birth and for the amazing gift of self-belief and inner strength that was instilled in me in the lead up to the birth of our first baby. I don’t think I have ever met such a kind and passionate person.

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Swindelle, 3rd-time mum

Christa was an amazing support during our pregnancy and when birthing our son. I received information about birth I never knew existed. She is very informative and passionate about our right as woman to rock our birthing experience. We had an accidental home birth with our 3rd child and did not stress because we were well-informed during our birthing classes. If you’re looking for someone who is gentle, empowering, and informative I can definitely recommend Christa.

Jessica, first-time mum

Christa is wonderful! She is so informed and has a beautiful nature - the exact person you want on your team throughout pregnancy and labour. I had a beautiful pregnancy and labour and both Christa's Hypnobirth classes and Doula services contributed to this greatly. Thank you.

Erika, 2nd-time mum

My husband and I took Christa's hypnobirthing class before the birth of our first child in 2016. She was fantastic, very informative and practical, we've learned so much about labour and the whole process. She provided tools to relax, and stay calm, which all came handy for the long labour I later experienced. We can highly recommend the class she runs! I've also used what I've learnt for my second birthing experience, though nothing went as planned again. Thank you again!

Judy, 2nd-time mum

I had an amazing and empowering birthing experience of my 2nd daughter back in October 2013 largely due to Christa being my doula. She helped me believe in my body, myself and my baby's ability to birth without fear. I highly recommend her services and birthing classes.

Jessica, 1st-time mum

I first met Christa when I was researching doulas in the early stages of my pregnancy. I quickly decided that I wanted to do a hypnobirthing course with her and then later hired her as my doula. The course was brilliant and so was Christa!I had a wonderful labour, one that exceeded my expectations actually. I was able to go without any interventions at all and birthed Oliver in the back of the car (the car part wasn't our plan) but we were so confident in ourselves that we were able to very calmly make our way to the hospital - where Christa met us! I'd recommend these classes to everyone!!

Lydia, second-time mum

I don't know who needs to hear this, Christa is the best birth support professional I've come across. She is respectful of each couples needs, and she is very well experienced to give the best support to help the family achieve their families needs. She has been an important part of all our children's birthing and I cannot recommend anyone better. A huge  heartfelt gratitude to you my dear. God bless you! 😍

Tegan, 2nd-time mum


  • Arrived in minutes when my husband called her at 3am. Immediately made me feel ‘safe’
  • Helped turn my ‘failed VBAC’ into a successful ‘belly’ birth
  • Helped me process my feelings as much as possible in a short turn around
  • Took charge of establishing a new vibe for the c-section to differentiate from my last ‘traumatic’ c-section birth
  • Supported us for hours and hours, contraction by contraction. Stayed with us literally until the last minute when we went into theatre
  • Handed the midwife my back up c-section birth plan and making sure she understood what I did and didn’t want; as well as handing over the playlists, phones for photos in theatre, making sure I would have those memories, even though I didn’t realise I wanted them at that point
  • Held me - physically and emotionally throughout the labour
  • Got our midwife in for a photo for me to remember later
  • Scooped the birth pool of poop and made it seem like something to celebrate not be embarrassed by - it had been my biggest fear!
  • I have no doubt if I had been able to fully follow to her suggestions (positions, resisting epi, setting up the room - my essential oils etc stayed in the bag) I would have been able to deliver my baby naturally; but I felt equally respected and heard and held by her when I decided I wanted an epidural
  • The best foot massages!!
  • Noticing areas of tension in my body and helping me to relax them, such as my foot lifting from the floor, she would gently touch it to help me relax it
  • Directing my partner where to stand or sit or how to help me best; allowed him to feel calm and us to connect
  • Super unobtrusive; but there at the exact moment that a wave would start to build; would help me focus; but I never felt like she was between my partner and I, she was always supporting us both
  • Allowed my partner to be more fully present and support me better as he was supported - we now have memories of working together that we can treasure and that we wouldn’t have got otherwise
  • Christa worked hand in hand with our lovely midwife; who also respected Christa completely and asked her for suggestions; Christa’s calm energy had everyone working together as a team
  • Christa brought new ideas to the birthing room; bringing out physical and emotional tools not considered by anyone else
  • Christa changed the whole vibe of my labour for the better as soon as she arrived in the middle of the night
  • Made everything feel natural- I felt no shame being completely nude; which is unlike me. She would also make sure I was comfortable by covering me with a sheet etc
  • Allowed me to cry or say I was scared, while at the same time reassuring me that I ‘WAS doing it!’
  • Christa showing my husband how to support me when; suggesting things to the midwife; being there every contraction; noticing little things like my foot was tending in the air; scooping poop out of the birth pool; suggesting rebozo; positions; meditations; helping us transition in a positive way to the c-section; advocating to the midwife
  • Christa was crucial to our birthing experience; I hate to think what it would have been like without her there!

Kylie & James, second-time parents

We engaged Christa throughout our second pregnancy. Having made the decision to hire a doula, we had a very positive experience throughout. I found Christa online years ago and had followed her content and felt she was a good fit for us from this combined with our first conversation, and a friend's experience of having also used Christa.

From the online modules to the hypnobirthing course right through to the birth support and following birth debrief, Christa's knowledge, patience, support and kindness was second to none. Without Christa, my birth would have been very different and not something we are incredibly proud of as it is. Even having had significant complications and medical challenges at the end of the pregnancy resulting in changes being needed to our original birth plan, and moving toward an induction which I had been very against, I felt calm, confident and empowered to continue on the path to the birth I'd hoped for. Thanks Christa for the service you provide and for being a part of Xavier's arrival!


Sumati & Neel, first-time parents

Dearest Christa, You're one of a kind and very much appreciated. Thank you for your support - it will be fondly remembered for a lifetime and beyond!

Forever grateful,
Sumati & Neel

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Tahnee, 5th-time mum

My home birth experience is something I will never forget. With the teaching and guidance from Christa, in my own home, I was able to learn hypnobirthing and then achieve the birth I had always wanted. It was empowering to learn, and so grateful for the resource.

Vanessa, birth debrief service


Calm, supportive and caring are words that come to mind when I think of Christa. I enlisted her help when I needed some support with coming to terms with my first birth. She was understanding and introduced me to a set of strategies to overcome my emotional struggles to move forward. I will definitely be hiring Christa for my next birth. To have her by my side will be a blessing!

Esra, birth debrief service

Hi Christa thank you so much for your help. You're a very inspiring and caring woman. ❤️ I'm so glad to have met you. It was great to hear my husband speak about the birth even though it wasn't much, he usually wouldn't talk at all 😅 Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's great to speak to a caring doula who understands you. I hope in time my feelings will resolve and I will heal completely ❤️ I will be looking into buying the books you recommended as well so I can learn more about the whole process and I will let you know how I go. Thank you again.

Lots of love

Suzanne, second-time mum


Having Christa at the birth of my second son made me realise how important a support system is to a positive birth. I was able to have a VBAC, a natural birth, make informed decisions, postnatal care, lactation support. Can't recommend her enough she is the calm anchor in the birthing process able to ground you and hold space. Worth every dollar, can't recommend her enough. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Priscilla, first-time mum


Hi Christa, I just wanted to say how great the course was today. You were so patient with all of our questions and explained each step thoroughly. We are so happy we were able to go through Hypnobirthing with you and would definitely encourage those we know to do the same. I'll admit Andrew was skeptical when I told him about it but he was so glad we did it too and found it very beneficial. He didn't know how much he didn't know until you went through it with us. Thank you again. ☺️

Kaylani, first-time mum


There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have had this soul hold space for me through my pregnancy & birth. To any mamas looking for someone to support them through a wild pregnancy/freebirth (because WOW was it hard finding the right support I needed here in Sydney lol. Especially after hiring and firing my private midwife in my second trimester, when I realised having any part of the medical system in my space was not what I needed) - this lady right here held me through my initiation of motherhood EXACTLY how my pepi & I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you SOOOO much Christa! You hold a special place in me & my little families heart. 🤍

(She also supports mamas journeying through hospital births & I genuinely couldn't recommend her enough)

We appreciate you so much! 😭 xo

No but like seriously...there was a period there where I just needed to scream & swear at her like it was all her fault I was pregnant & she copped it like the champ she is 😭😂 (should've been swearing at Chris LOL). She also caught the most beautiful pictures & footage without me even realising (with my permission prior of course). This is right before I pushed baby out. Seriously... so much love for you Christa 😂🤍🤍

Kristall & Martin, 3rd-time parents

Christa was such a great help throughout my childbirth preparation and birthing. She was always there for me to call when I needed support and reassurance. She had tons of information and DVDs - she knows what she is talking about! Her ability to listen and empathise made me feel like someone cared about how I was feeling and about what I really wanted - which is something I never had before during pregnancy and birth with any other medical professionals. I was so grateful for her calm reassurance during my birthing time which helped me re-focus and her assistance in helping me get everything I wanted out of my birth experience. It was perfect. I am so glad I found you!

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Suzie & Tony, second-time parents

Dear Christa,

Just a quick note to say thank you! Reflecting on my birth has made me realise that it would not have been so perfect without you.  The help and support that you gave us was priceless.  My first birth I was uninformed and naive but thanks to you my second birth I was empowered and able to make wise informed decision and ultimately have the birth that I had always wanted, one that I had dreamed of.  You were truly amazing.

Thank you so much.

Love Suzie, Tony, Darius & Lucas xxx

Eva, 3rd-time mum

I'm lost for words to describe how Christa helped me during the labours of my two youngest sons - she was the welcoming committee of the last one. She was genuin, caring, professional and seamlessly changed the supportive roles depending on what I needed. I think everyone who has been blessed having her attending their labour know how much Christa means to them. thank you.

Cath, 2nd-time mum

Christa is an amazing Doula and educator. She provided us with so much support and knowledge, and I will always be grateful to her. We were able to achieve all the things that were important to us during our birth and after care. I wish every woman could have a Christa to support their birth. 😊😘

Jess, 1st-time mum

Christa is a warm and welcoming hypno birthing teacher and doula. She's full of amazing knowledge and very supportive and nurturing during labour and birth. ❤️

Emma, 2nd-time mum

Christa is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced educator and also just has a wonderfully comforting and nurturing presence. These programs are so important and assisted myself and my husband to feel empowered and informed, and ready to face whatever challenge we might encounter. Christa provided us with the tools and tricks to navigate completely foreign territory birthing our son, and we came back for round two with our second son which resulted in a seriously  magical birth. Can’t stress enough how amazing this is!

Tanya & Daniel, first-time parents

Dear Christa,

Daniel and I cannot thank you enough for the support and commitment you showed us before and after the birth of our first baby Xavier.

After our first initial consultation Daniel and I knew we wanted you to be our doula. Your kind nature, positive spirit and passion for what you do is second to none.

We opted not to do the birthing classes with the hospital so that we could have a more personal experience in the privacy of our own home. The information and resources you provided us with meant that we were well equipped to make informed decisions about our own birthing experience.

It was a pleasure getting to know you throughout our journey; you always left us feeling calm and relaxed after each session so we both knew with your support our birthing experience was going to be a positive one, and it was!

You are genuinely one of the nicest people we have met and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your services to anyone that may be interested.

With Love,

Daniel, Tanya & Xavier

Swindelle & Beau, first-time parents

Our experience with Christa as our Doula was beautiful. The classes we took as we prepared to birth our first child brought us closer as a couple and closer to the little one waiting inside. Christa is a wonderful and friendly person who enables women to feel positive about their bodies and their abilities to birth. We were informed about all our choices and ways in which we were able to birth, which gave us insight on how we wanted our little one to arrive. We are so grateful for her services and recommend her to those who are preparing to become a parent. Thank you Christa for sharing this special experience with us.
Swindelle & Beau

Elaine, 5th-time mum

Hypnobirthing with Christa - What a revolution! I can't thank Christa enough for helping me prepare for the birth of my daughter. My birth plan was the best thing I ever did!

The online program helped me prepare mentally and provided me with tools to assist with the calm birth that I had planned this time around. This was my 5th birth and was by far the most calm in comparison to the previous 4 of pure panic and mayhem.

Through the online program, I was able to overcome my fear of labour and truly embrace the beauty of the the most beautiful birthing experience. I went into the labour room this time more prepared, relaxed, calm and with a positive mindset.

Thank you Christa for sharing your profound knowledge and experienced to help create a positive and beautiful birth experience for me.

The best thing I ever did. Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Sam & Craig, first-time parents

We couldn't have done it without Christa's support and encouragement. Well we could have but it wouldn't have been the wonderful birth it was and I love. Christa, thank you for absolutely everything! And thank you soooo much for taking those amazing photos! I still cant stop looking at them, I want to show everyone. They really captured the moment and how amazing our bodies are. How you managed to get all the photos and be the support to both Craig and I astounds me, I did not notice you not by me until you were taking pics of Mitchell getting weighed etc. Thank you again and again xxx

Bonnie & Ryan, first-time parents


I finally sat down to look at all of the photos - they are so, so, so incredible and the most beautiful things I can ever imagine having - the first moment we laid eyes on our perfect son, and what it took for all of us to get him here. Thank you, thank you, thank you - will never be enough. I cannot rave enough about having a doula and will be recommending you to every pregnant person I see anywhere (or suspect to be pregnant!). PS. I think these placenta pills are really magic, I notice them helping me return to some level of normalcy each time I take them. 💐

Jamie-lee, hypnobirthing & placenta encapsulation

Christa is absolutely amazing, she made me feel so comfortable with my pregnancy and also helped me get through the anxiety I had leading up to birth. Every question I had she responded to promptly and at any time of the day. All the information and help she gave me made my child's birth so special! Also too, the amazing turn around and service for my placenta encapsulation! Highly highly recommend Christa for any woman out there looking for the best support throughout the beautiful journey that I just experienced.

Dee, 3rd-time mum

I gave birth to my 3rd child 4 days ago and Christa encapsulated my placenta. Her service was so quick, professional and easy. She has a calm and loving manner. I would highly recommend the service and Christa.

Thoa, placenta encapsulation and smoothie

Christa is truly amazing. Smooth communication, I was completely confident with the decision I made to choose her service. I had my placenta encapsulated and the placenta smoothie right after birth. The smoothie tasted beautifully. Christa showed up at the hospital a few hours after my baby was born and she brought all the fresh ingredients to make the smoothie in my room. Honestly I felt great right after taking it. And the delivery for the pills was prompt and easy. I would strongly recommend Christa.

Ellen & Regan, first-time parents

I would like to start out by saying what an amazing help Christa was in the whole preparation and birthing process! I took classes with her and also had her present for the birth of my child and I truly believe that without her assistance and knowledge that I may have had a very different outcome from the natural birth that I had.

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Su-Yin & Adam, second-time parents

Dear Christa, Words cannot express how very grateful Adam and I are for your loving support and commitment before and during the birth of our little boy, Joshua.  It was such an honour for us to share that precious experience with you!

I know that for my entire lifetime, your presence at Joshua's birth will always be felt deeply in my heart.  What I will always remember is your sweet gentle voice, your joyous smile and your positive encouragement  which I know gave me the incredible strength to just keep going!!!

Thank you so much for your time with the hypnobabies preparation and for all the resources you kindly lent to me.  I found them very helpful and I believe that without them, I may not have been so empowered to give birth the way I did.

You are such a gem, and I feel so fortunate to have met you!!  I truly admire your passion to helping mothers at the most critical hour of need. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being there, and thank you for being the most beautiful person that you are!!

With all our love

Su-Yin, Adam, Lachlan and Joshua

Felicity, second-time mum

I am writing to recommend Christa Buckland as a Doula.  I have known Christa for many years.  We worked together in 2002-2003 and remained friends since.

I attended Christa's natural birthing class, and even though I had done the birthing class at the hospital the first time around, I still learnt a lot from Christa's class, and left with a much more positive attitude towards birthing and was actually looking forward to the labour. 

After having a negative first birth experience, we wanted our second child’s birth to be a positive experience with less intervention. Christa helped me feel in control of my birth by helping me to write a birth plan, being sure to go through each point with me taking notes so she knew exactly what I did and did not want, and also explained what would happen if things didn’t exactly go to plan so there would be no surprises on the day.

On the day (09.12.10) when the delivery suite became available, Christa arrived promptly within half an hour which she said she would. I had to be induced, which wasn’t part of the plan, but Christa helped me to stay positive, reminding me that baby would be here soon, as she swayed with me during early contractions.

Before things got too intense, Christa offered me some motivational signs to look at during contractions to help me through. I chose the sign “Release” which I found really helpful, when I felt my body tensing I’d look up and see the word “release” and relax the muscles in my body with a deep breath out. Christa also told me to picture everything opening. So the sign helped remind me to relax and allow everything to open. The deep breathing we practice in the birth class and at home with the CD Christa gave me called “Come Out Baby” really helped and got me through the contractions.

The last hour of my labour was the most intense and at the peak of my contractions I was thinking about asking for pain relief, until I heard Christa’s soft, calm voice telling me what a fantastic job I was doing, (which also encouraged my husband to join in and give me praise). I didn’t believe her at the time as I didn’t feel fantastic, but it got me through and I had a drug free labour and was so proud of myself!

Christa then stayed until after our baby was weighed which ended up being an hour and took pictures like I asked her to before the day. She also kept me focused on my baby while I was having stitches. Christa then made sure I was okay and ready for her to leave before she left.

Christa was fantastic! She kept me calm and positive and I couldn’t have done it without her. I will be recommending her to all my expecting family and friends. Christa also came over the following Monday to discuss the birth and answer any questions I had about the labour, which was the perfect closure to my positive birth.    

Felicity Eagleton

Kath Howse, first-time mum

My partner and I would highly recommend Christa's Prenatal Classes. We are first time parents, so the information that she shared with us was very helpful and definitely got us in a positive frame of mind. Every time Christa left our place, I felt more and more confident, which is nice, especially towards the end of my pregnancy. When I gave birth it was a wonderful experience and I don't think it would have been the same if it wasn't for Christa.


Lisa Cole, first-time mum

Great to see your business on here Christa. I would recommend you to any pregnant woman, you made my birthing experience wonderful and memorable through your teachings and guidance with meditations. Yes, I even learnt to say 'pressure waves'... :) Best of luck. X

Chrystal & baby Lawson, second-time mum

Christa is an amazing person. She is supportive​ and offers great insight into how to make the birth experience​ a positive and fulfilling​ one. I can't recommend Christa enough. She is a fantastic Doula with a great passion and focus on having a positive birthing experience.

Christa was amazing in the role she played in our birthing experience. She kept herself in the background to allow my husband and I to focus on each other but she was always there remembering the little things like offering me water after each wave which helped to make my experience a lot smoother and more comfortable.

She is a very calm and relaxed person and very passionate about childbirth with a genuine interest in making the birthing experience a positive one. She is focused on the role of  the support person which I found to be important in making my husband feel involved and needed.

Our birthing experience would not have been the same without Christa's comforting presence and words of encouragement.

Stacey & baby Aimee, 3rd-time mum

24 April 2010 :)

(My very first birth!) 

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