Christa Buckland is a visionary pregnancy and childbirth coach with a mission to create a global shift in the way we talk about, perceive and experience birth! She has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science (Health Promotion), certifications in doula support and childbirth education, and is currently completing a PhD at Western Sydney University. With 20 years experience in community education, including 8 years in women's health, Christa is a leader in her field and specialises in working with women who have fear and anxiety about childbirth.

Christa developed her programs after realising that women needed more than a "birth class" and more than just "doula support". Both these approaches are wonderful but incomplete. Christa created an entirely new approach - one that is not just "comprehensive" but immersive and transformational. Her vision is not just to change the lives of her clients, but to change the world through her programs and advocacy.