The 3 Secret Ingredients To Have A MAGICAL Birth

Hosted by Christa Buckland, the visionary pregnancy and childbirth coach (aka doula) on a mission to change the world's perception of birth.









Learn How To

Be relaxed in your pregnancy and confident in your ability to give birth.

Learn How To

Break the cycle of fear and anxiety so you can birth with joy and love.

Learn How To

Make birth more comfortable and easy - yes, easy!

Why is this important?

Women around the world are having an awful time giving birth. Don’t be another statistic. Take control and learn the strategies that will empower you to have an AWESOME birth. How you feel during your birth matters! I am on a mission to create a WORLDWIDE phenomena of women having a positive, joyful birth. You deserve it!! Click below to discover HOW!

Christa Buckland

Christa has been serving women as a doula and childbirth educator since 2010. She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science (Health Promotion) and is completing a PhD at Western Sydney University. She is a leader in her field and is passionate about helping women to have an amazing birth. She specialises in helping women to overcome their fear of birth.


"Birth is meant to be a beautiful, life-affirming experience. It is the greatest privilege on earth to work with women and help them to unlock their power within so they can approach birth with confidence and give birth joyfully". ~ Christa

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